About us

Clean Up Britain was started by a small group of professionals who united based on a shared passion for looking after our environment, and a particular concern about the increasing problem of litter.

We’ve been lobbying hard for a national litter campaign and are members of the National Litter Strategy Advisory Group.

In 2018, we’re broadening our horizons to inspire and enable communities and businesses better address environmental issues which are fast becoming extremely hot topics – single-use plastics, reuse and recycling.

The Team

Kenny Logan

Clean Up Britain’s Campaign Chairman. Kenny also owns Logan Sports Marketing, one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK, specialising in sponsorship consultancy, events, hospitality and rights management.

John Read

Founder, Clean Up Britain. Extensive experience in campaigning, corporate communications, CSR, media management & public affairs. Has worked with the England cricket team, De Beers, the Conservative Party, Richard Branson and HRH Princess Haya of Jordan.

Rod Connors

Managing Director, System 1 Agency. Core member of the CLUB management team since day one. Extensive global brand strategy and communications expertise. Rod is former Director of Marketing for Nike, Adidas and Unilever, and one of Britain’s leading marketeers.

Dr. Julia Kolodko

Researcher, lecturer and consultant in the areas of behavioural science, strategy and marketing. Julia sits on our management team and is a global expert on behavioural psychology and litter.

Simon Perkin

Community Relations Manager for Clean Up Britain, Simon is responsible for building close working relationships within communities, and identifying opportunities to recruit potential partners and volunteers.

Jeremy Paxman

Highly distinguished and widely respected broadcaster and writer, Jeremy is Patron of Clean Up Britain. He sums up his strong views by saying “ours is a beautiful country and I just don’t understand why people would want to drop litter – it makes me angry and depressed”.


This year we’re ramping up our campaigning and work with communities.

We also recognise that businesses face increasing scrutiny to anticipate and react to the environmental impacts of operating.

It’s not only our environment that’s at stake. The media are, quite rightly, becoming increasingly vocal about companies not doing their fair share. It’s becoming imperative that businesses take action on environmental issues over which they have some control.


  • Behavioural change and ‘nudge’
  • Campaign planning and implementation
  • Brand strategy and communications
  • Media relations and public affairs
  • Project planning and execution
  • Product design and innovation

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Media Centre

10/02/2020 Channel 4 News Special Report Investigates with Clean Up Britain

Clean Up Britain recently collaborated with Channel 4 to bring this Special Report. Investigation into Highways England has revealed a private contract, £8 Billion of public money and a very littered M25...

22/04/2018 LITTER KILLS

Partners & Supporters

Celebrity Supporters



Keep Scotland Beautiful

“Keep Scotland Beautiful has worked with Clean Up Britain on a number of anti-litter initiatives in recent years and a productive working partnership has been established. This partnership allows for information exchange, research and strategy development in relation to litter prevention, and has been very positive. We are keen to continue working together through 2017 and beyond.”




We are thrilled to partner with Littergram who harness the power of smart phones and social media to help clean up Britain. Download their brilliant app and join a community of like-minded people taking action on our growing litter problem.

LitterGram works closely with councils to help them address the issues app users highlight. Their cutting edge technology is available for free to all 433 councils across the country.


Warwick Business School

We are proud to have joined forces with Warwick Business School, which has the biggest Behavioural Science Group in Europe, to use nudge theory to help address environmental issues.

Based on theories from behavioural science, nudges have been used to solve a range of issues from persuading more people to pay their taxes on time to encouraging households have their lofts insulated.

Read our report ‘Using behavioural insights to reduce littering in the UK’