What this campaign is about

This campaign has one main objective: to find sustainable and effective solutions to Britain’s epidemic of litter and fly-tipping.
Of course, that’s easy to say, but very difficult to achieve.

In reality, changing the behaviour of the 20m people in Britain who litter is the only answer.

There are hundreds of thousands of very community-spirited people who pick up litter. In the short term, this is great, but it’s also a bit like mopping-up while the taps are still running…. the litter will just keep coming again and again, for ever. Our campaign is about turning the taps off.

It’s about trying to force the government to address the numerous and deep systemic failures in both central and local government.

But, what are these ‘deep systemic’ failures’?

Well, for example, why does Highways England do such an appalling job in cleaning up litter on the motorways? It’s probably something to do with the fact that their bosses at the Department of Transport don’t set them a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for cleaning up litter. In other words, Highways England are not judged whatsoever by whether they do the job of cleaning up litter or not. Consequently, they do a very poor job, and no one in government cares, and the motorways continue to look like a dumping ground.

Here’s another example of ‘systemic failure’, this time in local government. For some unknown and senseless reason, the responsibility of ‘looking after’ non-motorway roads is split between County Councils and local (usually District) Councils. The former is responsible for cutting grass by the side of the road and the latter for litter-picking. Which idiotic civil servant dreamt up a system whereby two different organisations do those two different functions at two different times, and can blame each other for not being able to do their job?!

Clean Up Britain will continue to expose these sort of failing, stupid and dysfunctional practices.

How you can be involved

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Media Centre

10/02/2020 Channel 4 News Special Report Investigates with Clean Up Britain

Clean Up Britain recently collaborated with Channel 4 to bring this Special Report. Investigation into Highways England has revealed a private contract, £8 Billion of public money and a very littered M25...

22/04/2018 LITTER KILLS

Partner with Us

Clean Up Britain is undertaking a ground-breaking anti-litter behavioural change campaign, called ‘Now or Never’, that will run for five years in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. The town has the highest number of university students of any non-university town in Britain.
It also has contrasting geographical areas of wealth and deprivation.

It’s the most comprehensive and sustained anti-litter behavioural change pilot campaign undertaken in Britain.

We’re trying to identify and ‘incubate’ new and innovative initiatives that might make a meaningful and measurable difference in providing long term behavioural change towards litter, plastic and waste.

There are over 60 Campaign Partner organisations involved, and we have 12 work-streams underway. www.itsnowornever.org.uk

The Campaign’s lead partners are Clean Up Britain, Warwick District Council and Warwick Business School, Britain’s leading centre of academic and applied behavioural science, and indeed the largest in Europe.

There are many opportunities to be involved with Clean Up Britain on a national partnership basis. Email: john.read@cleanupbritain.org

The Team

Kenny Logan

Clean Up Britain’s Campaign Chairman. Kenny also owns Logan Sports Marketing, one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK, specialising in sponsorship consultancy, events, hospitality and rights management.

John Read

Founder, Clean Up Britain. Extensive experience in campaigning, corporate communications, CSR, media management & public affairs. Has worked with the England cricket team, De Beers, the Conservative Party, Richard Branson and HRH Princess Haya of Jordan.

Rod Connors

Managing Director, System 1 Agency. Core member of the CLUB management team since day one. Extensive global brand strategy and communications expertise. Rod is former Director of Marketing for Nike, Adidas and Unilever, and one of Britain’s leading marketeers.

Dr. Julia Kolodko

Researcher, lecturer and consultant in the areas of behavioural science, strategy and marketing. Julia sits on our management team and is a global expert on behavioural psychology and litter.

Simon Perkin

Community Relations Manager for Clean Up Britain, Simon is responsible for building close working relationships within communities, and identifying opportunities to recruit potential partners and volunteers.

Jeremy Paxman

Highly distinguished and widely respected broadcaster and writer, Jeremy is Patron of Clean Up Britain. He sums up his strong views by saying “ours is a beautiful country and I just don’t understand why people would want to drop litter – it makes me angry and depressed”.

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