Fly-tipping – don’t be unwittingly responsible

Most of us all have a load of old stuff we need to get rid of and it’s not always easy to get to the tip. Paying someone else to take it away for you is often a nice solution, especially when you lead a busy life or don’t have a huge car boot…

However, as fly tipping becomes an increasing problem it’s often down to us regular folks who, unwittingly, pay rogue traders to ‘dispose’ of our waste.

It’s simple to take these idiots out of the picture – a quick check to see if they have a waste carrier permit is all it takes. Doubly important as, by law, you are responsible for getting your waste disposed of legally and can face a huge fine if you don’t.

IT’S REALLY EASY TO CHECK – you can either:

Call the Environment Agency and ask – 03708 506 506 (cost is the same as a call to a landline number and if you have inclusive minutes with your phone it’s free to call).

Or check on-line here.

You’ll need the person or business name or registration number – if they are legitimate they should be very happy to give you both.


  • Ask for their waste carrier permit number
  • Check it online or by calling 03708 506 506
  • Ask for a transfer notice or receipt when they pick up your waste

Job done!